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Bennetts Motorcycle Insurance Review

Bennetts motorcycle insurance has become a popular choice these days for people that are looking for an insurer for their motorbikes. Most companies claim to offer affordable motorcycle insurance, but they do that so that they draw you in as a customer. It is important to always think for yourself and read independent reviews so that you have an unbiased understanding of various insurance companies before you end up purchasing a policy. Bennetts is a company that provides insurance not only for motorcycles though, they have policies available for scooter insurance and moped insurance as well. They specialized in all smaller motor vehicles as indicated by their website. Take the time to read this Bennetts motorcycle insurance review and see what you think of this company.

Bennetts Motorcycle Insurance Review

If you are thinking about purchasing a policy through Bennetts, it is important to understand the types of policies that are offered. They have a comprehensive cover as well as a third party fire and theft policy. The third party fire and theft coverage is cheaper than comprehensive, but it also doesn’t provide as much insurance. Read up on the various types of coverage that you will get with each to find out which would work best for you.

90 day European cover – You can travel anywhere within the European Union and be protected for up to 90 days each year by Bennetts coverage. Whether you have a comprehensive policy or just the third party fire and theft, you will get this perk. This is a nice feature provided for people that like to travel throughout Europe and need to be insured.

Motorcycle theft insurance – If your motorcycle is stolen by someone and isn’t recovered, you will get reimbursed at full market value for your bike. This is a great coverage feature to have so that you don’t have to worry about theft of your bike; even if it is stolen, you will get compensated for it.

Damage to your motorcycle – You will be reimbursed for any damages to your motorcycle, but only if you get the comprehensive policy. If you get third party fire and theft only (TPFTO), then you do not have access to this additional area of coverage.

Accident recovery – If your motorcycle is damaged in an accident, Bennetts will pay for it to be transported to a mechanic and fixed up for free if you get their comprehensive policy. All other policies do not get “accident recovery” for free.

Riding other motorcycles – You can ride other bikes that you own on your Bennetts policy no matter what type of coverage that you have. However, they state that you must notify them before doing so if you want to be covered under their insurance.

New motorcycle replacement within 6 months – If you just bought a new motorcycle within 6 months of getting your Bennetts motorcycle insurance, then you can get an entirely new bike paid for by them if yours is totaled in an accident. This also counts for if your bike is stolen; they will get you a new one if you buy their comprehensive policy.

Free 24 hour claims hotline – All insurers should have free claims 24/7 and Bennetts has it, so this is good to know. This means that if you ever need to file a claim, you will be assisted at any hour of the day that you need to do so.

Multi motorcycle insurance policy – If you get a comprehensive plan with them, you can insurer more than one motorcycle and save yourself money. All other policies with them do not allow you to insure multiple bikes, so it would probably be beneficial to get comprehensive coverage if you plan on insuring multiple motorcycles.

Investigating Bennetts: Read Other Customer Reviews

If you visit the website of any company, they are going to claim that they provide the best coverage as well as the cheapest. Bennetts is one of the United Kingdom’s biggest motorcycle insurers and they can certainly get you a policy, but you should make sure that their policy and cost fits your needs. There are some other reviews online (e.g. over at ReviewCentre) which gave them fairly poor marks (1 star out of 5 for overall service based on about 100 reviewers). I would be cautious before considering this company just because some reviews indicate that they may be tough to work with.

Always Compare Bennetts Quotes with Other Providers

Before you ever go out and get motorcycle insurance, make sure that you have compared Bennetts insurance quotes to quotes that you have gotten from other insurers. You might find that another company has better coverage for your dollar. You may find that Bennetts is the best for you, but if you don’t compare them to other insurers, you’ll never have an idea of whether you could be saving more money or getting a better overall policy. They do offer a no claims discount of up to 55% as well as extra discounts for female drivers, but they do not specify details about those savings on their website. You will need to give them a call and find out more information if you are interested in their policy.

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