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Arizona Car Insurance

If you live in the state of AZ, how much Arizona car insurance is recommended to purchase? Hopefully you already know that if you live in the United States and plan on driving, you need to make sure that you have auto insurance.  If you avoid buying insurance, you could end up in an accident with significant damages and may have to pay a lot of money out of your own pocket.

Hopefully you recognize that the consequences of driving without insurance just aren’t worth it. You may get away with it for awhile, but in the end, things will catch up with you.

If you’re pressed for time, be sure to enter your zip code above to get free quotes in AZ because insurers already know what’s required and will help guide you through the process.  Okay, so let’s say that you buy a car in Arizona, how much insurance will you be required to purchase for it?

Arizona Car Insurance Requirements (15/30/10)

When you buy an Arizona auto insurance policy, you will be expected to purchase a 15/30/10 plan. Each number represents a dollar amount in thousands for a specific type of coverage. Let’s further break it down so that you understand:

1. $15000 bodily injury (per person)
2. $30000 bodily injury (per accident)
3. $10000 property damage insurance (per accident)

In the state of Arizona, you can see that in comparison to other states, the coverage requirements are significantly less. In the state of Alaska for example, you are required to buy $50000 worth of insurance per person for bodily injury and $100000 for bodily injuries per accident; this is significantly more.

Average Monthly Car Insurance Cost in Arizona

The average monthly cost of car insurance in Arizona is roughly $83 per vehicle insured. Although it’s not the most expensive state to buy insurance in, it certainly isn’t the cheapest. Okay, so now that you know all of the legal requirements and are looking to get a policy, what can you do? You should always have some tricks up your sleeve in order to save money on insurance. Nobody likes paying for their monthly auto insurance bills, so in order to get a better deal, you need to know what can be done in order to save yourself some cash each month.

How to Find Better Rates in Arizona

Trying to find the lowest Arizona auto insurance rates isn’t necessarily an easy process for anyone. Most people get suckered into buying the first policy that they set their sights on; this is clearly not a good way to shop. Whenever you’re buying any type of insurance, it’s important to have some impulse control and first compare all of your options before you purchase a policy. After you have weighed your options and compared Geico to Progressive and Esurance to State Farm, and more, then you can determine which company is offering the most complete deal to its consumers.
In addition to finding the lowest rates though, you should also be sure to check:

  • Professional company reviews
  • Customer reviews online
  • How efficiently the company handles claims
  • How long they have been established

Arizona Drivers: Finding the best Savings & Discounts

All quality AZ car insurance companies will offer discounts for your coverage. Although you may not qualify for every single discount available, most drivers are able to get some savings. So what are some common ways to save as a driver in AZ?

  • Maintain a clean driving record
  • Keep your GPA high (students in school)
  • Park your car in a garage
  • Drive a vehicle with quality crash safety

Understand that there are usually way more ways to save than the few mentioned above. If you bundle other insurance policies with your auto insurance coverage, get multiple vehicles insured, and/or get a joint policy with your spouse, you can stand to save even more money in most cases. Never be afraid to ask about all of the ways in which you can save and let potential insurers know that you are comparing companies to find out who can offer you the best overall price. Many companies will give you additional savings just to get your business as a new customer.

Arizona Car Insurance Quotes Comparison Online

If you want to compare Arizona auto insurance quotes online, you can do so by entering your zip code at the top of the page. After you’ve entered your zip, just click “start” to see a list of insurers offering the best deals in your area. The results menu will allow you to make an easy comparison and find the top companies that are offering the most savings. Hopefully you end up getting a great deal and that the process of shopping for insurance in the Grand Canyon state is easier than you thought!

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