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Antique Car Insurance Quotes: Age, Value, and Usage Determine Rates

Antique car insurance is also commonly known as classic car insurance; a form of insurance that covers a range of vintage and valuable cars. There are several criteria that a car has to match before an antique car insurance quote will be given, the most notable of which include:

  • Age – An antique car has to be at least 10 years old at the time of insurance.
  • Value – Most providers of antique car insurance stipulate that the car has to have a market value of at least $25,000. This value differs between providers though so it is worth looking around if your classic car isn’t deemed to be worth this amount.
  • Usage – If antique cars are used on a daily basis for commuting and pleasure they are not classed as being antique.

Getting Antique Car Insurance Quotes

There are two main types of provider for this type of auto insurance. The first is your normal “run-of-the-mill” provider who will undoubtedly supply you with a quote if asked. Unfortunately the same terms and conditions will apply to your classic car as to your everyday car and so this general policy can be a bit restricting.

For example, a general policy will normally provide a list of approved garages for repairs and breakdowns. While this is fine for an everyday car, it may not make repairing an antique car easy. For this reason it is advisable to seek out a company that specializes in antique car insurance quotes.

Specialist insurance companies can be found in most U.S. states and although their quote may be slightly more expensive than that of your normal insurance provider, it will be tailored to your specific antique car. This type of insurance provider understand the value of antique cars, the cost of repairs and the fact that very few garages are equipped to work on such cars. With this in mind, a specialist insurance provider can save you money in the long run.

How to Reduce Insurance Costs for an Antique Vehicle

Working with antique car insurance companies doesn’t usually come cheap and so you’ll want to do whatever you can to keep your quote to a minimum. The three easiest ways to do this are as follows:

1. Mention that your antique car is not your main method of transport – if an insurance company knows that you only drive your antique car on special occasions or at the weekend they will quote a lower price than if you use it on a regular basis.

2. Keep your annual mileage as low as possible – car insurance companies assume that the more miles you do on the road the more likely you are to be involved in a road traffic accident. If you only use your antique car for weekend driving through the summer for example, your quote will be lower than using it all year round.

3. Make sure your car is garaged or well protected when not in use – In other words, store your car in a garage, install proper security features like alarms, and make sure that your vehicle is always parked in a safe place.  Parking your antique on the street makes it more likely to get scratched, have a part stolen, or broken into.

Know Your Budget and the Coverage that You Want

Quotes aren’t difficult to get for an antique vehicle providing your car has officially been classified as “antique.” Use your car as little as possible and protect it all year round and you should be able to find a reasonable quote based on your budget. There are plenty of good places to compare types of auto insurance on the internet as well. Don’t forget to get an online quote and then compare it to prices that are offered by other companies.  Decide whether you would benefit from having comprehensive coverage for your antique; you may not need it, but it would be worth considering due to the fact that your vehicle is more susceptible to damages and problems since it is older.

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