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Alabama Car Insurance

In the state of Alabama, it is mandatory to purchase car insurance if you plan on driving. There are many different insurers that you can choose from if you don’t yet have coverage, but if you are going to drive in the state of Alabama, you need to buy Alabama car insurance.

To find the best price on Alabama auto insurance, enter your Zip Code in the form at the top of the page to see what types of companies provide the best deals in your state.

Before buying car insurance in Alabama

  • Know the minimum insurance requirements in your state
  • Comparison shop by getting multiple quotes from different insurers
  • Always ask for discounts to see how much you can save
  • Think about getting a little bit extra coverage for additional protection

Alabama Drivers: Researching Insurance Companies

In the state of Alabama, there are tons of companies that you can work with to get a quality insurance policy for a low price. Companies that you have likely heard of include: Geico, Progressive, Allstate, and State Farm. These companies will likely be able to help you find the lowest cost policy in your state. While shopping through, there are a number of different things that you will want to compare before you purchase a policy. Be sure to check out:

  • Specific company ratings
  • Independent customer reviews
  • Amount of coverage for your dollar
  • How well the company deals with claims

Alabama Car Insurance Requirements (25/50/25)

In the state of Alabama, you legally must have a minimum of 25/50/25 liability protection. If you don’t know what each number represents, let us further explain.

1. $25000 bodily injury insurance (per person)
2. $50000 bodily injury insurance (per accident)
3. $25000 property damage insurance (per accident)

It is important to understand though that these are all listed as minimums and most people end up buying more coverage than what is recommended. If you get into a serious accident and end up with $200000 in medical damage billing statements, you would not have enough insurance. Most people would rather be safe than sorry, so they end up purchasing additional coverage so that they don’t get caught paying out of pocket.

General Tip: It’s better to be over-insured than underinsured

It really ends up being a way better deal if you just pay a little bit more per month than to get slapped with an additional $50000 in an accident for being underinsured. Not only can you get taken to court if you don’t have enough money to pay for the damages for which you are “at fault,” you can end up in serious financial trouble.  Think about it in terms of paying a little bit of extra cash per month for a policy versus paying a huge amount out of your bank account after an accident.

Paying an additional $30 per month


Having to pay $50000 more in the event of a serious accident because you didn’t have enough coverage

Paying the small $30 per month ends up being well worth it because you could pay $30 per month for 100 years and you would only end up paying $36000 total; this is still $14000 less than the $50000 you would be expected to come up with after an accident. So if you are thinking about buying a slightly more expensive policy so that you have additional coverage, it is advised.

How to Qualify for Insurance Discounts and Savings Opportunities

When it comes to saving money on car insurance in Alabama, you need to remember to ask for and apply for all of the discounts that you can. When you enter your Zip Code to get AL car insurance quotes, you need to do a little bit of extra research to determine which companies are offering the best discounts. Although one company may be offering a lower original quote, another company may offer significantly more savings and could end up being an even better deal.

Types of discounts for Auto Insurance in Alabama

  • Safe driving savings
  • Having “no claims”
  • Vehicles with high safety ratings
  • Good grades (for those in school)
  • Multiple cars
  • Bundling other insurances

In order to find out who has the most savings in your state, you need to ask. It is recommended to first get quotes, and then give the companies that offer a low quote a call to ask about what types of discounts you can apply to receive. Remember that discounts can help a lot when you are getting comprehensive and/or additional collision coverage. Saving even $20 per month all adds up and equals major savings.

Alabama Car Insurance Quotes Comparison

The smartest way to shop for auto insurance is to always compare prices with the amount of coverage that you will be getting. No matter what your situation and budget, you need to buy auto insurance if you plan on driving legally in the state of Alabama. The quote form on this page (at the top) will allow you to enter your Zip Code to find out which companies are offering the best prices and most savings in your state.

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